What services do we provide?

Grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, word choice and sentence structure corrections. We keep an eye towards fluidity so your final document will read as if written by a native English speaker. When a document is proofread, it will not be read for meaning.

Editing includes proofreading plus additional work as requested. Examples include editing for improved clarity, shortening text without compromising meaning, and fine tuning to strengthen the impact of your message.

Scriptia translates texts from Swedish to English. Included is proofreading with an eye towards fluidity. The text will not read as a direct word-for-word translation, but will employ sentence structure commonly used by native speakers. The document will be read for meaning to ensure that the most appropriate words are chosen.

Documents are read twice to ensure the highest quality work. Request American or British spelling.

What types of documents do we handle?

What we do for scientists
Grant applications
Ph.D. dissertations
Press releases, science news

Technical language expertise: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, genetics, immunology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, neurology

What we do for businesses
News articles

Who are our clients?

Biotech Sweden
Uminova Innovation
Resolution Interactive AB
Umeå University
Luleå University of Technology
Karolinska Institute

Our work is featured in the magazines Biotech Spets, The Life Science Industry Guide, and Biotech Scandinavia.


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